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Roland TD-17 - ROCK COLLECTION #02


5 eDRUMKITS for Roland TD-17 V-Drums KL, KV, KVX


A collection of 5 realistic drumkits for playing ROCK !!! 

+ 1 Free Bonus Kit

Edk ROCK 6 - Live Late 80’s
Edk ROCK 7 - 80’s Tight
Edk ROCK 8 - MTV Rock
Edk ROCK 9 - Jazz Rock Fusion
Edk ROCK 10 - Collins Like

Edk ROCK 12 - Live Early 90's - BONUS !

Roland TD-17 - ROCK COLLECTION #02

  • Due to the number of drum samples used and the limited module memory, you will not be able to load all kits in the same time. We advise you to create module Backup containing the kits you use for a gig, with a band... and to switch from one backup to another when needed.

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